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McNeil & NRM Bladder Curing Presses are designed for use with all McNeil BAG-O-MATIC® and Semi-BAG-O-MATIC Shaping Units. The bladder presses range in mold heights from 20” to 96” and have closing force capability up to 7,000,000 lbs.

Curing bladders for the production of industrial tires up through off-the-road tires can be manufactured in these presses.

Temperature control equipment and control console arrangement are tailor engineered to each customer’s requirements.

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Main Ram and Cylinder are manufactured of steel and use a reinforced single ring neoprene packing suitable to temperatures of 250°F. The ram applies the necessary closing force to insure rubber flow into the entire mold cavity.


Core Ring Cylinder is made of steel tubing with two polyurethane piston seals and a polyurethane gasket between the piston rod and gland. The core ring cylinder raises and lowers the core plate for stripping the cured bladder from the bottom half mold.


Two Core Cylinders utilize a polyurethane rod wiper and cast iron piston ring. The parallel outboard mounting arrangement of these cylinders provide for an inline force for controlling the bladder mold core. The core-rod guide bushings assure concentricity of mold core and top half mold.


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Spare Parts

 Separate free standing self-contained oil hydraulic power unit with complete piping between press and power unit. The operation of the press is fully automatic except for manually controlled core and core ring valves. All units have continuous filtering and individual suction strainers for long-running trouble-free operation.

 Cycle timer (0-120 min.) for setting the cure cycle. Press opens automatically when cure cycle timer completes cycle.

 Safety cord system to halt ram motion during closing, continued contact reverses ram downward.

 Relief valves in hydraulic system prevent damage due to improper press operation.

 Rupture discs in the hydraulic lines to the stripping and core ring cylinders act as back-ups in event of relief valve failure.

 Timer stop lever can also stop and open press during closing cycle.

 Ram overtravel control prevents press closing beyond minimum mold height dimension.

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